Kalashnikov Culture

The Afghan War has the most violence along the Pakistani boarder

The Afghan problem that took root when the Soviets invaded led to chaos and violence in Afghanistan and soon spilled over to neighboring Pakistan. Crime and terror in Pakistan was becoming more and more frequent. The number of heroin addicts skyrocketed from nearly none before the Afghan War to 12,000 in 1979 to more than 500,000 by the mid-1980’s. This heroin surplus was due to the fact that Afghan War lords made their money off of heroin to finance their war against the Soviets. Adding to Pakistan’s problem, the police at this time were regarded as “corrupt and inefficient” not helping control the violence and drug trafficking going on in the urban centers. This “Kalashnikov Culture” is the beginning of the true terrorism problem that will ensue for years to come in Pakistan. 
Pakistani Military Officials seise millions of dollars worth of Heroin a year

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